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Trucks make the world go round, especially in America. Whether you’re hauling cargo, adventuring in the outdoors, or helping your mom move her couch, a pickup truck always comes in handy.

Find the perfect truck rental alternative on Turo for that odd job or your next countryside excursion.

The perfect truck for any job

No matter the task, you can book a truck rental alternative on Turo to get it done in style and comfort.

Get your move on

Moving to a new apartment? Kids heading to college? Book a pickup truck with a full-size bed so you can comfortably move everything on your own terms.

Explore the outdoors

It’s high time you go visit that national park you’ve been talking about. Book a truck rental alternative, toss your gear in the back, and hit your nearest (or farthest) backroad to get away from it all!

Try before you buy

If you’re in the market for a new truck, take an extended test drive on Turo to get the full truck experience so you can make an informed decision on which truck is right for you.

Popular truck models

The best pickups in the land

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is the most popular vehicle in America four decades running. The full-size F-150 is king for a reason — you can’t go wrong booking an F-150 truck rental alternative for any of your truck needs.

Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is the go-to mid-size pickup for all things adventure. Book a rugged Tacoma for your next ski trip, camping trip, or road trip in the great outdoors.

Chevrolet Silverado

The venerable Chevy Silverado comes as a basic work truck, luxurious cruiser, and everything in between. With a slew of cab and bed sizes, you can find a Chevy Silverado that’s perfect for any job.

Average ratings for trucks on Turo (4.8 stars)

Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
Conveniently located pickup truck
Alan P. - March 19, 2019
Ford Ranger 2010
Enjoyed using Daphne’s pickup truck.
Joshua B. - November 1, 2018
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
Nikola was very accommodating to my needs with his pickup truck, I highly recommended over actual rental agencies due to the availability of racks and tensioner pulleys. I will use his truck in the future if necessary. Thanks Nikola.
Jeff C. - May 27, 2019
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
Everything was laid out right from the start with Nikola's truck. The rules, location of the truck, instructions, etc. I appreciate structure and it's a LOT easier when there's no mystery(when renting a car anyway). Also, I needed to push my rental time back an hour close to the last minute and he quickly ok'ed it and accepted the reservation change request. Ty Nikola for a smooth turo rental! I would definitely rent again!
Jeremy R. - August 4, 2019
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
Great rental. Support useful for carrying big things
Ben C. - August 18, 2019
Ford Ranger 2006
Trey has his business down to a science. For a fraction of the cost and hassle of renting a pickup from uhaul ($19.95/day? Ha! I don't think so... ) i was able to rent trey's pickup. I picked up a hot tub in Santa Rosa and had it back in city in about 1/2 a day. A couple of quick texts was all it took. Easy breezy. Trey was quick to respond and truck met all my needs. If you're looking for a car for a black tie dinner, find another. If your moving and need a pick up? Text trey. You have enough other things to worry about. At least the truck rental will be easy.
Coach P. - December 17, 2018
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
My go to truck for hauling. Close by, good price.
Alan P. - July 22, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2005
Reliable car. Great for running errands around the city! Would rent again.
Miranda J. - August 4, 2019
Ram 1500 2014
William is a fantastic host with great communication. His truck was incredibly clean. If I ever need a truck again, I'll be using his!
Arash N. - August 4, 2019
Ford F-150 2009
Niko was very responsive and helpful. The TommyGate lift is a little tricky but worked well. Truck bed, TommyGate and wheel wells are about 50 inches wide. It fit a 550 pound crate. Mechanically truck worked well with no brake or check engine light issues. AC works on level 4 fan only btw. Still all functions work well.
Damien P. - July 25, 2019
Ram 1500 2014
Truck is grate and the greeting card was awesome!!! I recommend this truck to everyone!!
Steven C. - August 19, 2019
Ford F-150 2009
Nikola made renting with Turo simple and straightforward. I appreciated his thorough communication.
Brian A. - August 1, 2019
Ram 1500 2014
The truck is very clean and well maintained.
John V. - August 13, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
The raptor is an amazing truck and Rick made the experience very awesome and very simple. Highly recommended!
Thomas N. - August 13, 2019
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
thank you it was very satisfying to use your truck today i will need next sunday.
Leonardo D. - August 19, 2019
Ram 1500 2016
Absolutely BEST truck by far i ever rented l on Turo! this beauty is a beast! Tooooootally loved it and will rent it again!!
Ralph S. - July 11, 2019
Ram 1500 2014
Fantastic experience and really well maintained vehicle
Jacob S. - July 29, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
I needed a car to visit relatives and the Raptor made a great impression. It also added a sense of adventure to the trip. I would definately recommend Carlo's Ford Raptor if you are in the area.
Jagjit G. - August 4, 2019
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
It was my first time using Turo and work with Nikola! I love it! I book the car and pick it up in 20 minutes when I decided that I will need a car. It was comfortable and easy to connect. You got a new customer!! Thank you, Nikola.
Kirill L. - August 7, 2019
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
Nikola makes it so easy. Thanks again!
Emiliano R. - July 29, 2019
Ford Ranger 2006
Even though there was a mix up he made it work. It all worked out well and the trip went smoothly.
Suzanne G. - July 30, 2019
Ford F-150 2009
Not the easiest place to find a park at the end of the trip but the vehicle itself was perfect. Great communication by Nikola too! Highly recommended.
Seb L. - August 11, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2005
Quick response and easy pickup/ drop off.
Cara K. - August 11, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2007
Very smooth trip. The car is convenient and very pleasant to drive! Nazir was very flexible and polite, will book again !
Samuel M. - August 11, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2005
Wesley’s truck was perfect for my trip to Santa Cruz. I’d gladly rent with Wes again!
Tom H. - June 11, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Great truck from a great couple! Best rental experience I’ve ever had!
Alex D. - January 18, 2019
Ford F-150 2009
Great truck for the purpose. The lift-gate was really handy. I need to pick up a heavy desk and a few things from my storage unit. It was a great vehicle for the price and purpose I needed it for.
Christopher T. - June 15, 2019
Ford F-150 2009
Excellent truck for moving tasks with a full-size bed and tommy gate lift. Nikola was very responsive and made the pick-up/drop-off process seamless.
Josiah F. - June 25, 2019
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
Everything went very well! Communication was easy, and the car was just what we needed for an Ikea trip! Will definitely be renting from Nikola again!
Lisa S. - June 15, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2005
No fuss truck with a chill owner. Good for errands that need a truck bed. Easy peazy.
Charles S. - June 2, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Rick is a great Turo host! Very attentive to our trip! The F-150 Raptor was the perfect truck for our trip. Will definitely come back for the experience! 100% recommended!
Mariushka M. - May 29, 2019
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
Nikola is a great host! Nice truck 👍
Jonathan P. - June 12, 2019
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
Great rental experience! I needed a truck last minute, and Nikola was super accommodating. I was driving the truck within 30 minutes of booking it. Next time I’m in need of a truck, I’m booking this one.
Christopher O. - April 30, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2005
Very reliable truck, excellent for camping!
Garret T. - July 8, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2017
I highly recommend Spencer and his Tacoma! I rented the car for a summer Tahoe weekend and it was the perfect tool for the job. We fit four people, floats, skis, coolers and luggage comfortably in there. Spencer was great and couldn't have done anything better. He was easy to communicate with and was flexible when I requested to return the car a bit early.
Juhana K. - July 8, 2019
Ram 1500 2014
Great truck, and great host!! The bed of the truck is at least 8 ft long which is perfect if you need to move something.
Brooke P. - July 15, 2019
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
Nikola was great. Super helpful and flexible with pickup/drop off. This truck is perfect for a weekend project.
Brian S. - July 5, 2019
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
Nikola was a great and very understanding host. After someone jammed both door locks trying to break in overnight, Nikola remotely unlocked the truck within a couple of minutes of me messaging him. Solid truck and a great experience.
Edward G. - July 16, 2019
Ford F-150 2009
This trip was great! Nikola was great in helping me to figure out how to use Turo for the first time. Very straight forward, and communicated very quickly. Truck worked for my needs. Took a bit longer to get the truck back than I expected but Nikola was very accommodating.
Melanie C. - June 25, 2019
Ford F-150 2009
Perfect truck for hauling stuff. Long bed which was perfect.
James C. - July 11, 2019
Ford Ranger 2011
I had to pick up and move a few theatre set pieces, and Lance's truck was the perfect size. He's also great at communication. The downside is the garage where the truck is located is a bit dark and doesn't have a signal, so I had to walk outside to upload photos and instructions and communicate with him. Thus, pickup and return took longer than I expected. All in all, the rental was easy, though. And I would rent the truck again.
Lily T. - March 24, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
Great rental !! Truck was awesome and super easy and convenient!! Thanks bud!!
Luis F. - June 14, 2018
Ford F-150 2009
Nikola is fantastic and made sure I had all the information I need for pick up and return. I need the truck to move a piece of furniture and it was great to have the option to rent the vehicle for a few hours within the city. Would definitely recommend to others!
William C. - February 28, 2019
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
It was my first time renting and I had help of a friend who was used to it. Seems easy. The best is that the truck was conveniently parked behind my building. Pure coincidence but that made things even easier. Car was perfect for what I need and I definitely will rent again and recommend it to friends. Also there was flexibility and easy communication. Thanks nikola.
Sidnea D. - November 20, 2018
Martin Alan
Ford F-150 2009
The truck was exactly what I needed and everything worked and the was enough miles allowed in the rental I was not worried about using the truck
Martin Alan L. - January 19, 2019
Chevrolet Colorado 2018
Great rental - very flexible owner.
Luke K. - March 8, 2019
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
No frills but that’s what I was looking for! Great communication and overall good experience.
Tyler B. - June 16, 2019
Ford F-150 2010
We had a great trip thanks to Santiago!! His instructions were very detailed, crystal clear and to the point. So, preparing the wagon for sleep when we were tired was quick and straightforward thanks to the manual. The car is a little house on wheels which has everything for cooking, washing and sleeping in a bigger than expected double bed! It’s very good that the vehicle is a full 4WD so you can go a little off-road if needed. There is indoor light for the night and blinds to keep sunlight out for the morning. We wish we could have more days to enjoy this opportunity!
Georgios B. - June 3, 2019
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2005
Trey was great, truck was perfect for moving furniture. Would rent again!
David H. - May 6, 2019
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
This is a great truck to rent for hauling, camping, or just tooling around in a cool truck. Super comfortable and has that classic truck feel, great visibility, almost like a (way more convenient) sports car. I even got some attention, I guess it makes an impression in fire engine red!
Sam V. - April 29, 2019
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
Nikolas was great! Pick up and return process was a breeze. Highly recommend. Thanks!
Marcus R. - July 2, 2019
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
Good communication, will to work with you
Claudia N. - July 22, 2019
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2005
Trey was very responsive and accommodating when I needed to extend my trip.
Inderjeet S. - July 1, 2019
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
Great car and great communications. Wil use again
Grainne B. - July 14, 2019
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
It was an unexpected emergency! Had to move a load of stuff
Kimberly D. - July 17, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Stevens truck is excellent. Drove like a Dream! Will be renting his truck again for Tahoe! Thanks man!!
Erwin M. - October 9, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2007
This was an excellent vehicle for my trip. In terms of value it was much better than any car rental options! Chris was super helpful and available every step of the way to help resolve any issue that came up. Would be delighted to book from him again!
George D. - March 29, 2018
Ford F-150 2009
Loved the tommy gate. Best SF truck for self moves...
Steve W. - April 2, 2018
GMC Canyon 2016
Patrick was easy to work with and the truck was fantastic. Had all of the bells and whistles you could imagine from creature comforts to capable 4 wheel drive. Took this truck on. 2000 mile camping and leisure excursion through the Pacific Northwest. It proved to be a comfortable and capable machine. Would happily rent it again and recommend it to anyone in the market.
Michael M. - April 5, 2018
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
It's a truck and you can rent it. It doesn't really get much simpler than that. Needing to get stuff from A to B? Use a truck.
Nick A. - April 9, 2018
Ram 1500 2017
Walter was great and very accommodating. The truck is fantastic. Took it up to Tahoe for the weekend with a few friends, and could not have asked for anything more. Fast, clean, powerful. 10/10 would rent again.
Tyler D. - April 16, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
Awesome truck! Tyler was great communicator and delivered everything as promised. Smooth pickup and return. Will definitely rent again.
Rick P. - May 1, 2018
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
I had a great experience renting Nikola’s truck. It was straightforward and just what I needed to pick up some new furniture. Nikola was clear and responsive with communication.
Daniel L. - May 16, 2018
GMC Sierra 1500 2008
AWESOME GUY! Everything about booking a car rental from lance is the reason why these car rental apps are so appealing. Convenient, cheaper, and just better flexibility. Would recommend to anyone!
Samuel B. - March 31, 2018
Ram 1500 2017
The Black Eagle! This is the best vehicle I’ve ever rented via Turo. It’s a beast, so much fun to drive. Walter was super flexible and easy to communicate with. Highly recommended!
Alex S. - February 28, 2018
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
Thorough and simple. It was an amazingly easy experience. Looking forward to renting again and highly recommend the truck.
Andrew M. - March 11, 2018
Ford F-150 2011
Solid truck with convenient pickup/drop off process with remote unlock. Nothing luxurious but has everything you need to lug stuff around the Bay Area. Would rent again!
Lucas N. - March 26, 2018
Ford F-150 2009
Rented truck for a day. Both pick up drop off went seamless. Nikolai was helpful during the process
Nurali A. - June 16, 2018
Ram 1500 2016
Was great! Even when I needed to reach him he was available and understanding - great rental.
Cory J. - June 30, 2018
Ford F-150 2008
I actually forgot about this rental and never took the vehicle. Nazir did reach prior to the scheduled trip to coordinate the pickup.
Vance I. - July 5, 2018
Ram 1500 2018
The Ram 1500 is great! I rented the truck for a week and drove through SF and the bay area. I also ended up taking it to Yosemite. It was very comfortable to drive on the long distance trip and surprisingly easy to park with all the parking sensors and backup camera. Victor was also very flexible with collecting and returning the vehicle. I highly recommend the truck for whatever trip you’re going on!
Alexander B. - July 25, 2018
Ford F-150 2009
Very convenient remote unlock. Prompt replies to messages. Overall great rental experience.
Sean F. - August 20, 2018
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2005
Trey was very communicative throughout the process and made the experience easy with no issues. Used his truck to move a sibling into a new apartment long distance and the truck hauled amazing and gave me no issues at all. Would definitely rent from Trey again; highly recommend him.
Marco J. - August 23, 2018
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
Super easy to work with Nikola and he was really communicative. Rent his truck!
Richard H. - September 8, 2018
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
The truck was in good shape and interacting with Nikola was smooth. Would definitely rent from him again.
James G. - October 31, 2018
Ford F-150 2009
The truck was not left in the best of condition, but Nikola helped out and was accommodating. He is very responsive.
Taylor S. - November 13, 2018
Ram 1500 2015
Great truck, clean, good miles to the gallon and everything went smoothly...if I plan a roadtrip to the woods again will definitely rent again!
Franco G. - February 20, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2005
Great truck for our trip to Yosemite. Wesley was communicative and pick up / drop off was a breeze. Only down side was no aux cord for the radio. Will def rent again.
Brett H. - January 1, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2005
Great easy renter. Would absolutely rent this truck again
Isaac S. - January 6, 2019
Ross Michael
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
Nikola is so easy to work with. Very responsive and overall great experience. Would recommend it and will rent again if needed so.
Ross Michael F. - April 3, 2019
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
Good truck ready to work hard when you need it!
Ian C. - April 7, 2019
Ford F-150 2009
Great truck, and Nikola was responsive and a great communicator
Gabriel T. - March 8, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2005
Good truck, easy pickup/droppoff. Will rent it again.
Alan B. - November 18, 2018
Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 2007
Great host. Truck was perfect. Would rent again!!
Kyle S. - November 23, 2018
Chevrolet Colorado 2008
Nikola's truck was perfect for the small move I needed it for. Nikola was also super responsive and made the whole process easy (this was my first Turo experience). Will definitely rent again next time I have a need for a truck.
Daniel D. - November 13, 2018
Ford F-250 Super Duty 2016
Adam made it extremely easy to pickup and drop off the truck. The truck drives smoothly and was very clean. We had absolutely no issues with our trip and would rent it again!
James S. - January 14, 2019
Ford F-150 2018
Renting from ikram was awesome! I love the truck and the car came clean. Very nice person to work with.
Marcus C. - December 18, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
Ikram was very polite, she was on time, couldn’t ask for a better person to rent a vehicle from Loved her truck, it’s an amazing experience 10/10 would recommend
Pablo M. - December 24, 2018
Chevrolet Avalanche 2008
Jeff's truck was absolutely perfect for our trip. Very cleanly, comfortable and reliable. I would definitely rent from Jeff again, his communication was top tier and very accommodating to what we needed. Everything went extremely smooth.
Troy V. - October 6, 2018
Ford Ranger 2010
Easy access to the truck in and out. Just watch out for oil on the floor in the garage. I slipped and fell. Truck was just as advertised. I’d rent again:
Carlos R. - October 1, 2018