The car

Toyota Prius 2011

3 trips
50 MPG
Hybrid (Regular)
4 doors
5 seats

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Mid-size car!!! Very nice and reliable Toyota Prius hatchback car, Roomy cargo space. 50 miles per gallon. Clean and dependable car. ******************************************************** How do you get and return my car in Seattle airport? ******************************************************** Please do not book your car pick-up time earlier than your flight arrival time because I cannot wait too long in the airport, and because every minute of parking needs to be paid. I need to have your flight number to adjust the delivery time in case your flight is delayed. We need cooperate a quite accurate time because I can only spend up to 40 minutes in airport. This is different from a traditional car rental company where you can pick up the car at any time because as a private car owner, I do not have an office near airport. [Car pick-up] I will typically meet you at the Baggage Claim 2 area (phone txt message contact). I will park in the airport paid-parking lot which is within 5 minutes walking from baggage claim. I hand the car to you by (1) checking your driver license to be the primary driver registered by Turo, (2) we together check and record gas level, mileage and existing damage/scratches on the car, and we record those on a Turo-supplied paper form and we both sign it. Anyway, it is same as you rent a car from traditional car rental companies. You drive out parking lot and pay the parking fee of $4 (note: first hour parking fee is $4). [Car return] You return the car to the same airport parking building and text me the lot space number/code painted on the floor under the car you just parked, then I will come over in a couple of minutes. We check gas level, mileage and any damage/issues of the car, and we both sign the same Turo form. then you go to your flight departure, and I pay parking fee of $4 to drive home.


Automatic transmission