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Volvo S60 2007

174 trips
27 MPG
Gas (Premium)
4 doors
5 seats

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485 tripsJoined Aug 2016
Typically responds within 1 minute


🔆 Clean inside & out! 🏁 Turbo injection ✔︎ Silver Volvo S60 2.5L Turbo. ✔︎ Dark Tinted Windows ✔︎ Leather interior - seats 5. ✔︎ Bluetooth + Audio input port ✔︎ USB charging ports ✔︎ Laptop charging option (available upon request). MAIN RULES: ✔︎ Please no smoking or food. ✔︎ See additional rules in guidelines section of page. ✔︎ Be safe and have fun ✈️ ** PLEASE SEE Guidelines section for penalties / fees imposed if rules are not followed. This is a ride share community so please return the vehicle in same condition or better than you got it.


Automatic transmission
Long-term car
Turbo injection
Leather Seats
Premium Sound


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Post-trip cleaning
*Car Wash + Vacuuming* Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. I have a 3rd party handling this who charges $35. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.
Post-trip cleaning
Car wash only. Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.
Prepaid refuel
Save time and make dropoff a breeze by adding this Extra, which allows you to return my car at any fuel level. Price includes up to a full tank of gas.
Unlimited mileage
unlimited miles


This is a ride share community so please return the vehicle in same condition or better than when you got it. Please no smoking or food. Please refuel to same level as your trip start. Please wash (touchless wash) and vacuum at end of your trip. Please remove any debris from carpets, door compartments, and back seats. Premium Octane 91 gas only. Be safe and have fun :D ** IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT RETURNING THE CAR DIRTY ** $20-35 fee imposed if you return the vehicle dirty or if interior is returned dirty. I pay a 3rd party service to do this cleaning and they charge approx $35 for interior + wash and approx $20 for just wash, so please be mindful of this if you do not want to be charged for it! Please note, you will not be charged if the car arrived to you dirty and you have documented it by taking photos and uploading them to Turo before you begin your trip. ** REFUEL NOTICE ** You will be charged if you do not return the car refueled back to the same level or more than you got it. ** NO SMOKING NOTICE ** There can be up to a $200+ cleaning fee if you smoke in the vehicle or if the vehicle needs extensive interior cleaning because this is an expensive service that is needed to get rid of the odor.


  • How much mileage is included?
    You get plenty of daily mileage for touring Colorado. There is enough mileage for a 3+ day trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico and back. If you are unsure if your trip will be covered contact me after you make your booking.
  • How can I reach you?
    Text or call me at the number listed on your booking page. I will answer at most hours of the day. If you have trouble reaching me at the number listed, please try again after a while, and if you still have trouble please contact Turo and press the option for time-sensitive / emergency care in their automated menu.
  • How do I pickup/dropoff the vehicle?
    Car is parked in an airport parking lot. I will send you detailed information on how to reach the car when you arrive. If you require this information ahead of time, please reach out to me after you place your booking.
  • What about roadside assistance?
    I have roadside assistance protection available on the vehicle so that if you are stuck on the side of the road without fuel or flat tire or other issues, I can dispatch roadside assistance for you immediately. If you are unable to reach me, please also reach out to Turo at the number below and choose the option for Emergency Roadside Assistance. You can be connected (free of charge) with a dispatcher who will be able to send out a service provider if there is an incident with your rental vehicle 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please note that depending on the nature of the call, you may be responsible for fees associated with the actual services provided (towing, locksmith, battery jump, etc.) during the event. If you are experiencing an emergency that requires roadside service, please contact me AND call Turo at 1-866-735-2901.
  • What is your policy regarding marjiuana?
    Please no smoking in the vehicle and keep all items double bagged or contained so that the odor does not affect the interior of the car. Renters after you may not be ok with the odor, so please be respectful other Turo users.
  • What type of fuel does this car take?
    Premium Unleaded
  • Do you allow pets?
    Due to the difficulty involved with cleaning pet hair, and leather seats, I cannot allow pets unless they can be kept in a crate.
  • Do you have snow tires / snow chains?
    No, but this vehicle is equipped with all-season tires, which work great on all mountain highways and city roads, even with ice or snow cover, given that you know how to drive in such conditions; however since the vehicle is front-wheel-drive only, it is not suitable for climbing very steep back roads (such as cabin roads) with ice or snow pack. That said, the car will work wonderfully in most icy-road and snow situations (see my reviews showing that the car handled well in the mountains and on snow). The car is equipped with "Winter mode" which you can turn on if you find that the Turbo or horsepower is causing you to spin out from a stop. This will help with overall traction from a stop. If you require an all-wheel-drive vehicle, please see my other cars.


148 ratings

Had some issues with Bluetooth connection and audio. Other than that, the car was good and was able to take us to our destination without issues.

Andrew L.-Jun 19, 2019

This is listed that “Mike will meet you at the airport” that is not so. It is a coordinated pick up and drop off. Which, is a pain. He instructs me to Take 20-30 pictures of the car and upload them, before I drive off. And the cell coverage in the parking lot stinks. The car was dirty when I picked it up and I contacted “Mike”, no answer but he would text. He blamed the prior renter but I really do not care. That is not my issue. As for the car, I looked forward to driving a cool Volvo. This one is tired. Scratches everywhere, bumped & dented. 160,000 miles and the interior is worn. The rotors pulsed when breaking, which I’m sure is normal for Colorado. This car needs a break job. So, I was not happy with this Turo experience. The cars run about 50% nice and 50% crud. I think it’s less hassle to rent at the airport from here out.

Glenn L.-Jun 14, 2019

Mike was quick to respond and very helpful. The car was nice (90% clean) when I picked it up

Stephen F.-May 24, 2019

Great first time experience

Barry S.-May 22, 2019

The owner cancelled this trip 17 hours before it started. This message was automatically posted by Turo.

Turo-Mar 4, 2019

Car Location
Denver, CO 80249

Denver International Airport

Up to 5 miles
Free delivery to select locations for trips of 5 days or longer