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Honda Insight 2000

209 trips
58 MPG
Gas (Regular)
2 doors
2 seats

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Charvak All-Star Host
872 tripsJoined Jun 2011
Typically responds in 5 minutes
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HALF A CAR - half the seats (only 2 seats!) - half the engine - half the weight - half the fuel consumption - twice the value This is the most fuel-efficient car ever sold in America. It's rated at 70 mpg on the highway, but is getting 55 - 60 this summer (2017) when I drive it. Renters have ranged from 46 mpg to 74 mpg. The car redefines the term "high performance". A Porsche Carrera GT is loud, rough, and requires retraining of how to use a clutch, but it's still a great car. Be aware that the Insight also sacrifices driver comforts to achieve high performance. When I drive more than a few hours at a time, I wear Westone WR20's to turn the car into a Lexus. ;) Buy a pair, they're like sunglasses for your ears. MANUAL TRANSMISSION I rebuilt the transmission in this car to fix the synchros so renters no longer have to double clutch. That said, please don't downshift to first gear while moving and be gentle with the shifter, particularly for second gear. I will take you for a test ride to make sure you actually are an expert at driving with a manual transmission. EXTRAS I installed nice speakers and an HD radio / CD player with USB/iPhone and aux inputs. I think the stereo sounds as good as my two Lexuses. All my cars come with EZ-Pass for your convenience, and you can request to borrow my Valentine 1 radar detector or an aux cable. RELIABILITY The Insight is my vehicle of choice for long-distance trips. I've had renters take it to New Orleans and back. It's relatively old, but I maintain it like an airplane. The suspension is aligned, wheels are balanced, it has good wiper blades, a new windshield, great brakes. It doesn't drive like a neglected old car at all.


Manual transmission


No downshifting to 1st gear while moving. Shifts to 2nd must be gentle to avoid chipping the double-cone synchro. In your booking request, let me know your intended destination, number of passengers (any children with car seats?), and type of cargo. That way, I can make sure it's the best car for you and show you how to set up the seats. Also, it's best if you tell me where you're coming from and how, so I can offer you a free pickup if I happen to be in that area. PICKUP PROMPTNESS POLICY $20 cash fine for being more than 10 minutes late to pick up the car. If you're going to be late, just let me know your plans in advance and it's fine. If I don't hear from you, I expect to see you at your scheduled pickup time. You wouldn't show up late to a professional appointment or lunch with a friend without texting in advance. If I know you're going to be late, I can do other uninterruptable productive tasks in the meantime. HOW TURO WORKS These are some differences between Turo and rental car companies that are worth pointing out, especially for first-time users. - Pickup and Dropoff Please be on time for pickup. I can't let you take the car early, it wouldn't be insured. And if you're going to be more than 10 minutes late for pickup, you need to let me know because I have other things to do in the meantime. I will photograph your drivers license and point out any pre-existing damage that hasn't been touched up with paint already. When returning the car, please message me with your location as you're headed back so that I know when to be around for the return. I fully understand you might want to return the car hours early, which is fine, but don't assume that I sit around at home all day waiting for you. Just shoot me a text, "We're headed back, just got on I-90 off 84." and I'll plan to be home in an hour or so. - Mileage I like to know where the cars are going in case I have any special recommendations for you. If you're going to be over on miles, let me know. My mileage rates are set reasonably low, so it's not a big deal. - Tolls I process tolls around 5 - 15 days after your trip,after giving them time to post. Spend a few hours going through the EZ-Pass transactions in Excel, assigning them to cars and trips. If you know how much your tolls might be, you can add extra fuel and remind me to account for that when doing tolls. If you drive to Albany and back with like $8 of tolls, but give me a few extra gallons of fuel, it's easier for both of us because I save time refueling the car and you don't have to pay an annoying extra charge. - Cleaning Don't worry about washing off bugs or road grime from ordinary use, we don't waste water in Cambridge. Keep the interior clean, though. If you eat in the car I don't want to know about it. I generally try to wash the windshield before your trip, touch up any scratches now and then, and vacuum the interior occasionally. I rarely wash the exterior, only after beach or snow trips to prevent salt damage.


  • Why are you so strict about arrival time?
    One of the biggest operating costs of Turo is meeting renters. Some renters make it very easy, others are difficult. I rent to everyone, don't discriminate based on any perception of how difficult a renter will be to serve. That's only possible if I can charge for inconvenience, damage, smoking, etc. By insisting on promptness, I get high quality renters who are successful in life because they make things easy for everyone they interact with. And you get clean, well-maintained cars, promptly at your scheduled pickup time. It beats waiting at the rental counter at Hertz.
  • What skills do you check in your manual transmission checkride?
    1. You're able to launch the car without excessive clutch slippage. Keep it below 1500 rpm, engage the clutch fully by 8 mph. 2. You remove your foot from the clutch pedal, move it to the dead pedal when you're not actively shifting or starting the car. 3. You never rest your hand on the shift lever. Finish your shift and move your hand back to the steering wheel. Leaving your hand on the shifter wears out the shift forks, eventually making the transmission sloppy. 4. You shift gently, allowing time for the gears to synchronize. No "power shifting". The shift lever isn't a switch, it physically actuates a complicated mechanism. 5. No downshifts to first gear. Go into first from neutral when the car is stopped or under 5 mph.


132 ratings

Another great experience with Charvak! Thanks a bunch.

Nicholas C.-Jun 10, 2019

Great fun to get to drive the original Insight. Was able to hypermile with 72.3 mpg average for 750 miles.

Matthew W.-Apr 27, 2019

Great car Great guy. I definitely will be renting from Charvak again

Paul L.-Jan 29, 2019

Charvak was great to rent from. Always answered very quickly and very flexible when I wanted to extend the rental. You can tell that Charvak takes great care of his vehicle. Will rent from him again!

Kimberly T.-Dec 29, 2018

Excellent service

Stacy H.-Dec 26, 2018

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Cambridge, MA 02139

Boston Logan International Airport

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