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Tesla Model 3 2018

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Here is your opportunity to try out the brand new 2018 Tesla Model 3 rental! This is a beautiful example of Tesla's latest model, featuring the premium upgrades and longest range battery pack options. This sedan is in extremely high demand and they are sold out through 2019! Rent ours now to decide if you would like to reserve one for yourself. This is the RWD Model. The incredible high power motor accelerates you from 0-60 in under 5 seconds! And without shifting or noise, it feels like a spaceship. Combine this with a futuristic interior and large displays, this vehicle is sure to impress. Features: Autopilot Premium Upgrades Package 75kw longest range battery pack (310+ miles) Multi-coat Red over Black leather interior Black AeroWheels to increase range Streaming Radio I'm are looking to share the experience of driving this beauty with others interested in Tesla and electric cars in the Boston area. This is also a great way to get a feel for a Tesla if you are considering purchasing one. We have experience with all aspects of EVs and can help you understand the differences.Put the car to a true test of your daily needs and see how it fits your lifestyle. After you enjoy the ownership experience, please use our Tesla referral code: Charging Options: Fastest - Access to the Tesla Fast Supercharger Network across the country (pay per supercharge at approx 5-13cents per mile) ***Important (TESLA IDLE FEES): when charging at the Tesla superchargers, please make sure to unplug and move the car as soon as charging is done, otherwise idle fees of 40cents per minute charged by Tesla will apply. NO SMOKING/NO PETS/TOLLS NOT INCLUDED


Automatic transmission
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Heated seats


NO SMOKING/NO PETS/TOLLS NOT INCLUDED Do not change the charge limit without prior approval. Fully charging the battery is bad for it's longevity. That's why this feature exist in the first place. IF YOU CHANGE THE CHARGE LIMIT WITHOUT PERMISSION YOU AGREE TO PAY A $100 FEE. I know some of you are concerned about the car dying, but it has hundreds of miles of range and there are super chargers all over. Most guest charge the car a single follow time if at all during their trip. This is an electric car. If you don't charge it when it needs to be charged, it'll die. You'll then need to get the car towed to the nearest charger. This has happened too many times now, and it's bad for the car's battery. IF THE CAR BATTERY GETS FULLY DEPLETED DURING YOUR RENTAL, YOU AGREE TO PAY A $200 DEAD BATTERY FEE. This is totally avoidable, just charge the car when it's low.


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The car smelled strongly of perfume and nail polish remover. We kept finding dirt and fake nails in the car. Melvin made me aware of the issue beforehand and said he was cleaning it but it still stuck around. The ride was fun though, and the pickup/drop off was punctual.

Skyler A.-Jun 4, 2019

We rented Melvin's Model 3 for our first stop on our honeymoon mini-roadtrip. He was EXTREMELY quick to confirm the trip, his communication was excellent throughout. The car was clean and in very very good shape (didn't even have 6k miles on it yet). He texted the night before with a helpful video to give some tips on getting acclimated with the car. He answered any questions we had promptly. The car was awesome, we were using this as a test drive and rental at the same time before we really get down to thinking about buying a Tesla. The car didn't skip a beat, and charging was very quick even though we didn't really NEED to charge it. (just wanted to get an idea of how much charge we would get vs time, and how long it'd go in between) It was a fantastic experience overall and we're already looking to see if there are any other cars we want to scoop up at our next stop. Might even get another Model 3 haha (I prefer the S and she the X, but the 3 seems to be a very good mix of both)

Louis L.-Apr 30, 2019

Great car and Melvin made it a great experience.

Daniel B.-Apr 24, 2019

Its a very cool Model 3 he has and Melvin is very easy to work with.

Aditya O.-Mar 31, 2019

Honestly I didn’t want to give Melvin’s Tesla back! Everything was perfect, the car was absolutely amazing, and Melvin was immediately responsive and helpful. If you are at all interested in Tesla, splurge a little and rent Melvin’s Model 3. You won’t regret it.

Austin E.-Dec 27, 2018

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