The car

Toyota Corolla 2015

33 trips
32 MPG
Gas (Regular)
4 doors
5 seats

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Can 40 million people be wrong? Yes. The world’s best selling car may also be the world’s most uninteresting car. This car is so uninteresting in fact that it’s exactly what you’ll want on your next adventure/holiday/trip. You know when you turn the key, the starter motor will whirr and the 1.8-litre engine will fire up. You know that if you turn the wheel, the car will go round the corner, and that if you press the middle pedal, it will slow down.It handles well. It rides well. It is about as economical as you could reasonably expect and . . . I’m struggling to stay awake here. You think your old Colorado Subaru is reliable and practical— well, I laugh in your face. You’ll enjoy 43mpg (combined) and find that gas stations are for those that picked worse rental cars than you. It’s also super quiet both inside and out and therefore is a top pick for undercover detective work; bonus points because no one will expect a Corolla to be doing anything other than your weekly shop. The 15’ Corolla has plenty of boot space to put all your stuff, and a backseat to put all of your kids and spacious (not to mention comfortable) front seats for you. You won’t find fancy navigation but you will find a USB port to charge your stuff and a 12volt for alternative lifestyles that use a Samsung device. It has four windows and a steering wheel so it’s suuuuper easy to park in practically any space. Engine: 1797cc, 4 cylinders Power: 138bhp @ 6400rpm Transmission: Automatic Acceleration: 0-62mph: 10sec Top Speed: not available Fuel: 43mpg (combined) CO2: 152g/km Dimensions: L 4275mm W 1760mm H 1460mm


Automatic transmission
Long-term car
USB input