Rent Admin’s 2015 smart fortwo in Atlanta, GA | Turo
Rent Admin’s 2015 smart fortwo in Atlanta, GA | Turo
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smart fortwo2015

passion coupe
17 trips
36 MPG
Gas (Premium)
2 doors
2 seats

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24 tripsJoined Oct 2018
Typically responds within 1 minute


Located only 10-15 minutes from Atlanta Airport. Highly recommend taking Uber/Lyft for pick-up & drop off from Airport (Cost less than $10 for Pool) Free 24-hour rental: Use the following link for $25 towards rental White Passion excels as a city car where its size makes it easy to park anywhere and weave through traffic and tight spaces in Atlanta. Please contact me at 404-941-5251 if you have questions regarding the car or renting on Turo in general!

Business class

This host caters to business travelers.


Automatic transmission
Audio input
Long-term car
USB input
Heated seats
Automatic transmission
Manufactured by Mercedes-Benz
Located downtown Atlanta
Long-term car
10 - 15 minute Uber from airport
Electric window
Tight turning radius
Premium Gas
Good fuel economy
Maneuverable, easy to park
Less than 5,000 miles
24/7 pick-up/drop off at Location


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Phone mount
Rent universal phone mount during your trip. Cost $20 if lost or damaged.
$3/trip1 available
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.
Unlimited mileage
Don't worry about mileage - drive a much as you'd like!
Prepaid refuel
Save time and make dropoff a breeze by adding this Extra, which allows you to return my car at any fuel level. Price includes up to a full tank of gas.

Parking details

We do allow guest to store their cars on our property for $10 a day. We have 24/7 surveillance with Nest Cam but are not responsible for any damage, theft, incidents, etc. However if something were to happen we would be able to provide detailed video surveillance for law enforcement as well as your review.


Please see Turo’s policies and fines below. To avoid Turo’s excessive fees please communicate with Host in addition to purchasing extras to avoid ordinary cleaning and gas fees. RETURNING THE CAR - Replace the fuel. Cars must be returned with the same level of fuel they had at the start of the trip. - Clean the car. Cars should be returned in the same condition in which you received them - Check the car for damage and take pictures to document the car's condition post-trip. If you don't take pictures, you may be held liable for damage reported by your host. - Make sure you return the car to the right location. Late Return Policy - up to $25 for turo’s admin fee plus $50 per hour Hosts are counting on guests to return the car at the originally scheduled time. If guests don't, it can put significant inconvenience and stress on the host and possibly future guests. Please be considerate and return the car on time, and if there is any chance the return might be late, the guest should contact the host immediately to request an extension. If an extension can't be booked (whether because the host or car are unavailable, there are insufficient funds, or otherwise), the guest must return the car at the originally scheduled end time. Fuel Replacement - up to $25 of turo’s admin fee plus cost to replace fuel/electric charge Tolls - up to $25 of turo’s admin fee plus cost of toll (incl. governmental charges) Tickets - up to $25 of turo’s admin fee plus cost of ticket (incl. governmental charges) Cleaning, Pet, or Smoking violation - up to $25 of turo’s admin fee plus up to $250 for violation. Return car in condition received (i.e. Gas, interior, exterior condition and time deadline) to prevent any fines or penalties from Turo. Also a reminder that the car does take premium gas.


  • Where is car located?
    White Passion is located 10 miles or 15 minutes north of Atlanta's Airport. This is also the direction of downtown Atlanta. The pick up/drop off location is less than 5 minutes from downtown Atlanta.
  • Is smoking or pets allowed?
    No smoking or pets under any circumstances. Turo charges up to $250 related to any of the following Cleaning, Pet, or Smoking violations.
  • Information related to tickets.
    You are responsible for all tickets during your rental AND for 24 hours following the rental period. If you incur a ticket, we will pay off the ticket for you and Turo will charge a fee in addition. You may elect to pay off the ticket on your own.
  • Information related to filling up tank gas.
    Please bring the car back with the same or more gas than when trip began. The car utilizes premium gas. Please upload photos of gas purchases to confirm premium gas. Feel free to take photos for the gas and mileage before and after your trip to avoid possible discrepancies.
  • Do I have to clean car?
    Yes all cars should be returned in same or better condition than when trip started.
  • Where can I locate Turo insurance card & registration?
    These items are located in the storage compartment on passenger side.


12 ratings

I really enjoyed this car, now my girlfriend wants one. I've used Turo a few times before and think all of my hosts was great, but Admin's #1 hands down.

Holmes C.-Mar 8, 2019

White Passion is a blast to drive and sips gasoline. Admin walked me through a couple steps and was very available via text and phone. Thanks!

Doug Y.-Feb 12, 2019

I had a great experience. Host was communicative, friendly, and easy going. The Smart car is super fun and convenient. A+!

Nima D.-Feb 10, 2019

The cool factor was awesome everybody wanted to know what kind of car it was and talk to me about it and of course I used less than half of the amount of gas that I normally use for these trips the car was clean everything was great!

William B.-Jan 18, 2019

Great host and great vehicle! Would highly recommend. Thanks again!

Deondre V.-Jan 14, 2019

Car Location
Atlanta, GA 30314

Up to 25 miles