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Brand new loaded Model S Tesla. You will love driving it and that new car feel & smell! Free eectric charging is always included at no extra cost. A 20 min test drive simply isn't enough to get the full Tesla mine as part of your purchase decision. New 2017 Tesla Model S 100D Sedan. Electrifying red paint color. Premium leather seats and interior. All electric, zero emissions. Dual Motor, All-wheel drive. Seats 5 comfortably. Enhanced auto-pilot feature is enabled. This Tesla is an absolute blast to drive! Comes fully charged with ~280 miles worth of range. You can charge it at any Tesla Supercharger station for free or at any free or paid Level 2 charger (necessary adapter provided). You can bring the car back on close to empty, so you save a lot in fuel expense and hassle vs other car rentals. Hope you enjoy driving it as much as I do! If you are new to Turo, use my referral code and get $25 off: PS. If you are interested, I also make my electric cars available as longer-term rentals (1-3 year term) at a reduced rates. With this approach, you can avoid paying upfront sales taxes, registration fees & property taxes and not worry about future depreciation. Just ask me for the details. Guidelines: No smoking or pets inside. No racing or reckless driving please. ------ DELIVERY & RETURN AT DEN FINE AIRPORT PARKING ------ The car will be made available at the brand new, state-of-the-art facility, FINE Airport Parking, just 7-8 minutes from the airport with shuttles running constantly. To catch the shuttle from the airport, go to LEVEL 5 (the same level as baggage claim) and proceed out to ISLAND 5. Look for a yellow and black FINE Airport Parking Shuttle near the Off Airport Parking area. If you don't see one, hang out for a few minutes and a shuttle will pull up shortly. The shuttles do run 24/7. When you get on the shuttle, let the driver know you're picking up a Turo car and they'll take you right to it. To return the car just bring it back to the FINE Airport Parking facility and the attendant up front will point you in the right direction to park. As soon as you're ready to go, a shuttle will take you from your car right up to the airport terminal with little to no wait. ------ PETS ------ Pets ARE NOT allowed in this vehicle at any time - to both protect the vehicle and help future renters with specific allergies. Any pet hair and pet dander found in vehicles may incur additional fees. ------ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ------ We do everything we possibly can to make EVERY renter happy with their experience. If you rent from us and you have a wonderful experience, please do us a HUGE favor and leave us a 5-STAR REVIEW. If you rent from us and something wasn't quite to your satisfaction, PLEASE let us know as quickly as possible through the Turo message feed so we have the opportunity to make it right.


This exclusive car has additional safety checks for guests under 30.


Must be 25+ to book
Automatic transmission
EV / Hybrid
Audio input
All-wheel drive
USB input
Toll pass
Heated seats
Slacker Radio
Free Charging
Leather seats

Parking details

Parking is available for vehicles left behind during your trip. Please visit to reserve your space!


No smoking or pets inside. No racing or reckless driving please.


83 ratings

Way better than a rental company

David A.-Mar 3, 2019

Car was in great condition and the pickup and drop off arrangement was very convenient.

Phillip M.-Feb 25, 2019

The experience was very smooth. The Fine parking lot staffs were very professional and they take care of everything. The car has upgraded 22 in wheels so it feels more sportier than I am used to with my own Model S.

Jiangmin C.-Feb 23, 2019

Another spectacular trip with one of JD’s cars. We are very happy with the communication, flexibility to adjust our trip time on the return. It is just really cool to ride around in the model S. If your in Denver I highly recommend renting from JD.

Chris B.-Jan 31, 2019

the car was fine. turo was terrible. rented for a one night bus. trip that had been planned for several months. it was an important trip. car drove fine. i guess it's what i expected of a tesla. i was considering at one point of buying one and this was a good way to get a feel for that. rented vehicle from 130pm-9pm follow evening. (my flight landed at 2 and departed the next day at 930). first day was uneventful. this was my first trip with turo and now i'm probably going to pay for not seeing a flaw. the parking garage isn't exactly bright as day inside, second day, (now it's mid day, i'm checking out of my hotel to head to this meeting). i notice a small bubble on side wall of tire. this is where it all went down hill notified JD immediately and asked what i should do. even volunteered that i may have run over a pothole. but it doesn't anything out of the ordinary. for those who have driven in denver (my first time) it's likely hit potholes than it is to avoid them. they're freaking everywhere. happened to do some research and it's one of the worst road cond. in the country. fun. anyway, no response. tried again after waiting 45 minutes, this time marking "urgent". still nothing. called turo. went a little back and forth but got to a person who wanted me to drive to a tire shop and replace the tire. What?!? isn't the tesla bs sound cancellation tire $600?? i didn't have time to do that, and it felt like i shouldn't really be doing so. was it my responsibility simply based on the fact that i had possession of the vehicle? i had gone straight from the airport to my destination, then to hotel. went to dinner and returned to hotel. and they wanted me to spend my money on a new tire while they decided whether or not it's my fault. i wonder where they would lean? tried a third time to contact jd. nothing. (he or something finally responded the next day to say they hope i had a great trip.) i explained to turo that i'm not going to do that. turo then asked me toget a mechanics report on the tire to determine cause. really? there's a bubble in the tire. i don't know but there are a couple possibilities. (one being a pot hole i'm sure). but it wasn't a crater. it was just your standard pot hole that sits in a lane where you don't see it. you feel it. also could be from driving on too little pressure. anyway, turo did nothing to help. jd didn't respond to 3 messages, 2 marked urgent. and i got the luxury of sitting in that car until it was late enough for me to drive the one trip i was willing to take (very slowly) back to the airport. i missed my meeting. i went to denver to sit in a tesla. i'll give it a gold star for seat warmers in a denver winter. it was a horrible experience. btw, i understand if it were my car, i would be on the hook. but it wasn't my car. it was a used car that had been driven 33k miles and it's only a 2017. i would say that's pretty high mileage when you can only go 280 on a single charge before sitting at a charging station for an hour. it showed in the wear, especially to all of those prior to me who like to curb the wheels, which of course, ANOTHER reason a bubble can happen. such a bs trip. i'm still upset when i think about it. what a waste of an opportunity, a waste of money, a waste of time, and now jd filed a claim. awesome. thanks for your help. thank you too turo especially for recommending me drive the car with tire damage when everything online says not to drive it, and when i stopped at a tire store to ask them. their answer was, "you should NOT drive that car." lastly, i would rate the car as a "meh" nothing special. quite honestly i missed my own vehicle. it's the exact opposite. a 600hp that gets 1 tesla to the gallon. but the car was good for a semi comfortable seat... just wasn't that great for 7 hours. yeah, it's cold in denver during the winter. i wasn't trying to leave it. at least 1 hour at the charging station didn't feel long since i knew i was screwed at that point. the experience has ruined me for turo. they have nothing set up incase something goes wrong. telling the customer to go replace a tire isn't the best thing, in my opinion. then telling the customer it's okay to drive on it when it's unsafe to do so.... whatever. now i'm just reliving it and getting irritated.

Robert C.-Jan 30, 2019

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