Renting a car

  1. Sign up

    Sign up for Turo with Facebook, Google, or your email. We’ll confirm your identity and eligibility so you can become an approved driver.

  2. Find the perfect car

    Enter your travel dates and location and search our vast selection of unique, locally-owned cars.

  3. Book it

    Book the car of your dreams. The owner will confirm or decline your trip within eight hours, but typically it’s much sooner. Book cars instantly on listings with the “Book Instantly” badge.

  4. Pickup
  5. Pick up the car

    Meet the car owner to pick up the car. Many owners offer delivery, so they may bring it right to you.

    Walk around the car, show them your license, grab the keys, and drive off into the sunset.

  6. Have the time of your life

    Go explore! In the city or the woods, for a few days or a few weeks, rain or shine, grab your shades and go create something to write home about.

  7. Return
  8. Return the car

    At the end of your trip, replace the gas you used and meet the owner to drop off the car. Walk around the car again, hand over the keys, give them a high five, and start planning your next adventure.

Listing your car

  1. List your car

    Create a free listing with a few clicks. Describe your car, upload some clean photos, and you’re ready to go.

    Be sure to keep your calendar up to date so travelers know when your car is available.

  2. Respond to requests

    You’ll get notified when someone requests, or books your car instantly. Confirm or decline the trip as soon as possible, and contact the traveler if you have any questions.

  3. Meet your guest

    Coordinate where and when you’ll meet your guest. Check their license, walk around the car, check the fuel and mileage, and send them off on their adventure.

  4. Kick back and earn

    Rest easy, Turo covers your car with $1 million in liability insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance throughout the trip, so you can just watch the dollars roll in.*

  5. Pick up your car

    Meet your guest, make sure everything’s in order, give them a high five, and head on home. Don’t forget to rate and review them in the app to help keep our marketplace strong and honest.

Local hospitality drives

Car delivery

Imagine the feeling travelers will get when you drop off your car curbside, or pull up in front of a restaurant downtown. Once you greet them and hand over your keys, they’ll never want to go back to an agency counter again.

There are three options for meeting travelers:
Owners deliver to custom locations around town, within a set radius
Owners deliver to nearby airports
Travelers pick up the car at the owner’s location
* Liability insurance and roadside assistance only apply to hosts who enroll in a protection plan provided via Turo (where available). Hosts who provide their own commercial rental insurance and offer insurance directly to their customers will not be covered by the above-mentioned protection. All hosts outside of the USA, Germany, and Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec in Canada must have commercial rental insurance for their customers.