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About Zach

I live in Washington, D.C. but rent cars in San Francisco! I use an automated system called StreetSmarts (www.streetsmarts.io) to give renters a superior rental experience while minimizing time and effort for both renters and myself!


Reviews from guests

2,090 trips
Overall Rating
4.7 stars

Rented the Smart car for a weekend trip nearby. We had a mostly (if not fully) negative experience, it was completely related to the state of the car and not the host. Zach was highly communicative and made the whole rental process easy - I would highly recommend renting other cars from him. There were two main: 1) The car was incredibly dirty when we picked it up. There was hair or hay or something everywhere - on the seats, on the floor, in the trunk - and it took a solid 30 minutes of cleaning before it was passable. There was also trash under the seats and junk in the glovebox and cup holders. Additionally, the outside of the car was very dirty, especially the windshield, and there was several scratches and scrapes over the vehicle. I know these cars get used a lot, but some sort of basic standard for cleanliness is desperately needed. Either the owner needs to make sure the car is clean before the next time it is used or Turo needs to better enforce the cleanliness requirement. 2) The car itself had three consistent problems that added up: -The right turn signal was only working half of the time (which was a fun discovery to make while trying to shift lanes in the city). -The back hatch is badly damaged (it looks like the outer layer and the inner layer have completely separated). This means it has trouble properly shutting and locking and would rattle as soon as you hit speeds of over 40mph. It made us nervous the entire time that the trunk would just swing open and we would litter the highway with our luggage. -The doors/windows did not seal properly or consistently. Why is this a problem? Because as soon as you encounter heavy winds or try to go above 50mph, it sounds like you are outside and the car starts rattling. I never dared to take the car about 55mph, but even at these relatively low speeds I did not feel safe driving in the car with the combined rattling and turn signal issues. I know that this car is almost 10 years old and Smart cars have problems like these all the time, but if I rent a car from a service like Turo, I - at the very minimum - expect to feel safe in the car I'm driving. In my opinion, this car needs either serious repairs and cleaning or needs to be taken off the road completely. Based on these combined issues, I don't think I'll ever rent from Turo again and will instead stick to other companies.

Andrew M.-April 25, 2019

Car was pretty dirty! Finding parking to return the car was very very inconvenient. It took us 30 mins to find the street parking at night to make sure to park where the street cleaning was not scheduled in next 24 hours.

Aditi J.-April 25, 2019

One of the light didn’t work I texted him and he never answer then I expend like 5 hours in the phone with Turo’s costumer service. Really bad experience

Claudia R.-April 24, 2019

Reviews from hosts

8 trips
Overall Rating
5 stars

Zach rented the car for a day. He kept the Tesla car clean and returned the car on time. His communication was on point and it was fun to learn about his car business software :)

An N.-April 8, 2019

He was the best guest ever.

Adrian M.-January 1, 2019

Zach was easy going, and is always welcome to book my car.

Papi Y.-December 17, 2018